We realize that not everyone has a degree in genetics, which is why we've included here a basic glossary of terms for you to understand when using our product. If at any point we use a word that you don't understand, let us know and we'll add it here!


Genotype — the variant forms of a gene carried by an individual (one per parent)

Haplotype – linked variants along a chromosome inherited from one parent.

Alleles or Variants — alternate forms of a genetic sequence (or polymorphism).

Recessive — variants whose effects are masked if one copy of the allele is present.

Dominant — variants whose effects require only one copy of the allele.

Heterozygous — when an individual has two different alleles for a trait.

Homozygous — when an individual has two identical alleles for a trait.

Phenotype — expression of a genotype (outward appearance).

Locus – the location of a gene or DNA sequence (plural: loci).

SNP – single nucleotide polymorphism, a type of genetic variant.

CNV – copy number variant (e.g. gene or sequence duplication).

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