Insitome delivers immersive genetic experiences that empower, educate, and entertain. Our company values scientific innovation, storytelling, and design. Our products help reveal each fascinating chapter in the incredible and mysterious story of you. Join us on this journey of discovery today to find your place in history.

Each insight will help you access, understand and benefit from the human genome. Spark a new conversation with instant updates when new scientific research is published. Purchase select insights of interest for a custom learning path or subscribe to curated bundles.

PERSONALIZED: Each insight begins with your DNA.
TRUSTWORTHY: Peer-reviewed techniques and research.
INNOVATIVE: Instant delivery to your favorite device.
ENGAGING: Visual aids to guide learning.
INTERACTIVE: Sharing tools to build a community discussion.

Data is helping to map world migratory patterns dating back some 150,000 years and is filling in the gaps in our knowledge of humankind’s migratory history. That's why we launched Insitome – to unlock that cutting-edge scientific knowledge for everyone. 

We use cutting-edge genetic technology to decipher an age-old question: Where do we come from? Combined with our novel research and sampling techniques, Insitome is delivering unprecedented insight into our shared migratory history.

You are unique, the product of thousands of generations of striving and success, of hardship and adaptation, of migration and mysterious ancient trysts. Your genome contains this epic, human saga. It’s all about you: the greatest story ever written is the one that you carry in your DNA.

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