Helix offers a variety of products from partners like Insitome. Each product will provide you with unique insights about yourself based on your DNA, and in some cases, actions that you can take based on that information. 

For example, the first product you purchase through Helix might teach you about what percent of your DNA comes from Neanderthals or how your ancestor's dietary choices shaped your metabolism. Once you complete the DNA sequencing with Helix, you’ll be able to purchase more products without having to be sequenced again. Products you might be able to purchase through Helix in the future include (but are not limited to): fertility and family planning, food and beverage recommendations, personalized digital experiences (think custom emojis, video games, and more), hereditary cancer screening, personalized nutrition and exercise plans, beauty products, mental health, and more.

Learn More => https://www.helix.com/support/about-helix

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