The Helix DNA collection kit contains proprietary solutions for maintaining the stability of DNA samples, which can be disrupted in transit were the solution to be too old for use. Please provide the sample to Helix within 12 months of purchase. We recommend that you mail in your kit within a few months of purchasing it to ensure that the optimal amount of DNA is preserved and ready to be analyzed. 

Helix requires that you return a saliva sample with a certain timeframe after you place an order to help to assure the quality and accuracy of your genetic information.  If you have a DNA Collection Kit that is past Helix’s timeframe for processing, you may contact Helix Customer Care at 1-844-211-2070 to request a replacement kit.  Helix charges a replacement fee for such kit. If Helix receives your DNA Collection Kit after the timeframe for processing has expired, they will give you the option to receive a replacement kit for the replacement fee (typically a minimum of $25) and shipping and handling fees.  Depending on the circumstances, a fee may apply.  Please see Helix’s Replacement Policy for more details.  Participants should check that there is ample fluid in the the saliva tube included in the kit. If there is no fluid, the participant should contact Helix customer service at 844-211-2070 to receive a replacement.

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