Through our partnership with Helix, their lab will use cutting-edge sequencing technology to analyze DNA submissions from the Insitome Helix kit. And, once a consumer’s DNA is sequenced with Helix, they can access it for years to come.

After you place your order, you’ll receive a DNA collection kit from Helix. Because Helix sequences your DNA, your purchase and use of the Product is subject to any applicable terms, policies or rules of Helix, including, but not limited to Helix’s Privacy Policy, Helix Terms of Service and Helix Platform Consent (collectively the “Helix Policies.”). Other governing Helix Policies may also apply and would be posted to or linked to at

To use the Insitome Product and receive results, you will have to create an online account with Insitome at and with Helix at A unique kit identification number printed inside your DNA collection kit is required to create an account. If you lose the kit ID number prior to registering at, you will not be able to create an account unless you purchase a replacement kit.

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