Both your Helix and Insitome accounts will display the ongoing status of your sample kit from the time you order to the time you receive your results. Current sample processing time is 6-8 weeks from the time a registered sample is received at the lab.

Step 1: Register + mail your kit

Before you submit your sample, you need to register your kit to a Helix account. To begin, go to Once dropped in your mailbox, samples are typically received at the Helix lab within 2-4 weeks.

Step 2: Sample received at the lab

You will receive an email when your sample is received at the Helix lab. Once a sample is received, it enters the queue for processing. This step includes the time a sample spends in the queue at the lab, as well as the visual inspection of your sample, DNA extraction, and amplification of DNA from your sample.

*If your sample does not yield sufficient quantities of DNA, this step may be repeated.

Step 3: DNA analysis

Analysis refers to the process of genotyping on our custom microarray chip. This step also includes quality review, where the data returned from a set of samples is reviewed to ensure that it meets our standards for call rate and accuracy.

*If your sample does not yield a high call rate, this step may be repeated.

Step 4: Computing

Samples proceed to this step after they pass quality review. Compute scripts will compare sample data with the rest of the database to generate results accurately.

Step 5: Results ready

Once sequencing is complete, data is loaded into your Insitome account, after which point we will process the data to generate full results within 24-48 hours. You will receive an email once your results are available.

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