You can find all the instructions inside your DNA collection kit or on our getting started page at Returning the kit once you have collected your saliva is as easy as placing the tube into the collection bag and into the return box. The return box has pre-paid postage and you only need to drop it in the mail.

Before preparing your sample for shipment, you will need to register your sample collection tube and replace the funnel lid with the screw-on cap. Your saliva sample is stable at a wide range of temperatures once it is mixed with the DNA stabilization buffer liquid, but we recommend that you ship your collected sample to the laboratory at your earliest convenience.

The transportation supplies for your saliva sample are included in your kit. Simply place the collection tube containing your sample directly into the box. The plastic clamshell should be discarded. Remove the adhesive strip on the kit flap and seal the kit. Drop the package off at any US Postal Service Mail Box if shipping from within the United States. The box is already pre-addressed and pre-paid. Note: To protect the privacy of all customers, the lab will only accept samples delivered via postal service or carrier. Do not attempt to drop off your sample directly at the lab. 

A return tracking link will be available from the sample status progress bar on your profile homepage. You may also choose to note the return tracking number located on the bottom of the shipping label.

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